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The Harvard method of referencing is to be used; authors, please carefully check your references for consistency, accuracy and completeness.

References appearing in the text must also appear in the reference list.
References must be unnumbered and appear in alphabetical order by author.
The following constitutes some basic referencing examples:


Zimmerman, J.L. (2006), Accounting for Decision Making and Control, McGraw-Hill Irwin, New York, NY.

Langfield-Smith, K., Thorne, H. and Hilton, R.W. (2009), Management Accounting 5e: Information for Creating and Managing Value, McGraw-Hill, North Ryde, Australia.

Book Chapters

Heron, J. and Reason, P. (2006), “The practice of co-operative inquiry: research ‘with’ rather than ‘on’ people”, in Reason, P and Bradbury, H. (Eds.), Handbook of Action Research, Sage Publications, London, UK, pp. 144-154.


Bisbe, J. and Otley, D. (2004), “The effects of the interactive use of management control systems on product innovation”, Accounting, Organizations and Society, Vol.29 No.8, pp.709-737.

Published Conference Proceedings

Pearly, Y. (2002), “An examination of the utilization of intervention research within the qualitative case study research design”, in Proceedings of the 4th New England International Conference on Intervention Research in Boston, United States of America, 2002, Stratford Haven, Boston, pp. 31-57.

Unpublished Conference Proceedings

Jones, V.W. (2008), “A critical review of international financial reporting standards”, paper presented at the European Financial Accounting Conference (EFAC), 31 May – 2 June, Vienna, Austria, available at (accessed 34 March 2009)

Working Papers

Gilly, A.B. (2005), “How capital market risk models influence investor decisions”, working paper, Department of Accounting and Finance, Macquarie University, North Ryde, 21 April.

Authored Newspaper Articles

Tulsie, X.Y. (2009), “The global economic financial crisis: more disaster looming”, Australian Daily Mail, 21 October, pp.1, 2.

Non-Authored Newspaper Articles

Australian Daily Mail (2009), “Show me the money”, 4 November, p.8.

Electronic Sources

Harrison, A., Hooligan, Z. and Whitfield, J. (1999), “Writing a software program for the elderly to improve financial literacy via the web”, available at: (accessed 21 March 2004)

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