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Call for Submissions. Open to all university students.

ISSN 1837-4182

The Aims of Scholaris

To communicate original refereed submissions in Accounting and Finance to the Australian and International academic communities, as well as Australian and Global business environments. The objectives of Scholaris include:

  • To distribute submissions from undergraduate and post-graduate students, being of exceptionally high quality and originality.
  • To provide a forum to exchange new ideas, innovations, news and opinions in the form of regular columns.
  • To provide academic standards for students such as excellent written skills, creative, critical and analytical thinking.
  • To encourage excellence in writing and presentation of written reports, assignments and original pieces of research.
  • To encourage an interest in research in undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • To create and encourage an interest and orient student involvement in academic writing and research.
  • To provide recognition for academic achievements and excellence.

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